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Tip Top Photo Booths are equipped with professional equipment, including a high-resolution digital camera, printer and lights.  Once your guests step into this revolutionary style booth and the curtain is closed, they face a single button, camera lens and monitor with instructions.  Turn the dial one way and the picture is set to black and white.  Turn it back and the picture will print in color. 

They press the button and pose!  Outside of the photo booths rentals, those pictures are displayed on the large 22 inch LCD monitor for all to see and enjoy.  When your guests exit the Pod, the pictures are printed in seconds and they are encouraged to share the duplicate side of photos in the scrapbook.

After the party, everyone is invited to go online and check out all of the photos from the party.  At Tip Top Photo Booths, we post both strips and individual shots.  Once in our event gallery, guests can access many photo items, including more prints, digital downloads which are very popular for using on facebook profiles, and many customized photo accessories, including their own albums. 

Rent a photo booth for a wedding or any party from Tip Top Photo Booths!  It is the best way to give your guests a night they will remember for years to come!

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