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The revolutionary new photo booth.  You smile. You snap. You print.  It's that easy.


How do I rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths?

​To rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths simply fill out a request from the “contact us” page with info on event type, location and duration of rental. Make sure to include all your contact information with the best way to reach you (phone or email) and time, and we will contact you to discuss availability and next steps.


Does Tip Top Photo Booths require a deposit to rent a photo booth?

Yes we do require a deposit to rent a photo booth.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is what it takes to ensure that the photo booth will be at your event.


How many people can fit into a Tip Top Photo Booth?

Our booths can accommodate up to 10 adults at one time!


Do you charge extra for delivery, setup and breakdown of your booths?

Setup and breakdown for Tip Top Photo Booths digital photo booths are never charged for.  For more information:


When I rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths is everything really included in your hourly rate?

Yes!  When you rent a photo booth from us, including a wedding photo booth, corporate parties, private parties, fundraisers, media events, etc., we believe in including everything for one price and one amazing experience.  For more information and details of everything in our package, please


Does Tip Top Photo Booths go to weddings?

Tip Top Photo Booths were actually originally designed with weddings in mind!  Not your typical photo booth for weddings, the aluminum and opaque plexiglass booth fits right in to the decor for your memorable day.  We wanted a wedding photo booth option for brides that is as elegant as their wedding day.  Our booths do away with the harsh corners and edges of the typical black photo booths with their heavy curtains and dark demeanor.  Our wedding photo booth is round, silver and white and simply beautiful.  And, photographs are the perfect party favor.  A Tip Top Photo Booth Pod can create life long memories, provide entertainment and are so much fun.  We love weddings!!


I see that you offer a scrapbook with rentals of 4+ hours.  Is this included in the hourly rate and what is the scrapbook all about?

When you rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths, a scrapbook and scrapbook kit are included in our all inclusive pricing.  Because our strips always print out two at a time, the scrapbook allows guests to leave the duplicate strip or individual photos from the strip in a book.  Also, along with the photos, guests can write a message or personalize their page for the hosts.  The scrapbook is particularly great for weddings, birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, and quinceaneras.  With the scrapbook, the hosts can leave the event with a copy of every print taken that night!


What makes a booth rental from Tip Top Photo Booths different from other photo booth rentals?

Are you looking for photo booth rentals and wedding photo booth rentals?  A Tip Top Photo Booth is the most memorable type of entertainment that benefits both you and your guests. The Tip Top Photo Booth Pod was born from a desire to create a photo booth that was sleek, elegant and quite different from all the rest.  We steered away from the traditional photo booth shape that are typically made up of a few pipes to make the frame with dark dusty curtains draped over them to create  the standard “box” shape.  In its’ place, we created a one of a kind photo booth Pod with rounded edges, opaque plexiglass walls and an aluminum frame.  The design is simple yet sensational and leagues above the traditional boxy party photo booth rentals.  Each and every booth is handcrafted and consists of all top of the line equipment that is used in commercial photographic productions.  As a result, Tip Top Photo Booths are a one of a kind photo booth with the best equipment.


How much floor space does a Tip Top Photo Booth require? 

To be on the safe side, our booths  requires 8 ft. (long) x 6 ft. (wide) of space.


What does a Tip Top Photo Booth need in terms of electricity?

Our booths require 1 dedicated 10 AMP outlet.






How long does it take for photos to be posted online?  Can they be password protected for private viewing?

When you rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths, your online gallery is posted within 48 hours of the event.  Galleries can be protected for private viewing.

Can the color of the background be chosen?

All of the photo booth rentals can be customized with either a Green, Light Blue, Grey, Purple, Red or Black background.

Can the booth be custom wrapped? 

Yes, a Tip Top Photo Booth rental can be custom wrapped.  Imagine, a whole booth with your custom design right on it!  Our booths can accommodate partial and full wraps.

Does an attendant come with the photo booth rental?

Yes, all of our photo booth rentals come with a full time attendant who will take care of everything that our booths and your guests need to maximize the fun!  The staff members at Tip Top Photo Booths are highly experienced customer service professionals, adding a touch of five star service to your event.

Is there a limit to the number of photographs that can be taken? 

When you rent a photo booth from Tip Top Photo Booths we provide unlimited prints for the duration of your event.

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